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Here are just a few of the questions we are asked on a regular basis. Our aim as a company is to ensure you have all the info you need and be as transparent as possible.. so hopefully this helps!

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Our Marquees

Do your marquees come with sides?
Yes the marquee comes fully enclosed with windows on the sides and solid end panels.
Where can i make an opening?
You can open any of the panels. The side panels are 2 metres each and can be either removed or rolled up. The end panels roll up in line with the eaves and opens 3/4 of the width. The end panel can also be removed to open the apex.
Do I have to decide on which sides i want on at the time of booking?
No this can be decided at the time of installation. We understand how easily the weather can change your decision.
Can i have solid side panels?
As standard all marquees are supplied with window panels. Solid walls are availiable at an additional cost of £5 per panel.
How tall are the marquees?
The eaves of all marquees are the same at 2m. The top of the apex's vary : 3m wide Marquees - 2.8m 4m wide Marquees - 3.1m 6m wide Marquees - 3.7m (2.82m to cross brace)
What is your smallest tent?
Our smallest marquee is a 3x3m.
What is your biggest tent?
Our biggest marquee is a 12x6m, however we have a number of sizes and connect as many as you like to create your ideal size. From 2 connected end to end or side to side to a whole tented village!

Your Site

Does it matter if i need the marquee installing on grass or a hard surface?
Yes. We require additional equipment to fix to a hard surface. There is a small charge for the additional labour and materials.
Do you drill into the ground to fix to a hard surface?
No. Unlike some other marquee companies, we use sand as ballast to hold the marquee firmly in position an avoid damaging your surface.
Does the area need to be flat?
Ideally yes. Our marquees don't come with any standard height adjustments to account for uneven sites. Should your site not be flat please contact our team with some further information and we can advise how we can help. We do have some adjustment kits that are available at an extra cost.
How large an area do you need?
No. Unlike some other marquee companies, we use sand as ballast to hold the marquee firmly in position an avoid damaging your surface.
Can i connect the marquee to our building?
We can get as close to a building as possible but don't guarantee we can connect to any building. There are a number of things that can obstruct how close we can get to a building. Common obstructions are: drain downpipes, hanging baskets and flood lights.
Can the door from my property lead into the marquee?
It depends on the height of the door, whether it opens inwards or outwards and whether the end or the side of the marquee is required to go against the building. Generally if the door opens outwards, is taller then 1.8 metres from the floor and needs to connect to the side of the marquee, the marquee will need to be sited just proud of the door in its open position. Should the end of the marquee butt onto the door, the end panel can be removed to allow greater clearance and allow the door to open into the marquee. Sliding doors and door that open inwards pose no issues.


Do you install the marquee for us?
Yes indeed! We take care of the complete installation
We require the marquee up and down the same day, are there any additional charges for this?
We are certainly happy to facilitate any requests however we often find these have to be addressed on a case by case basis. Additional charges may apply.
What are your normal installation hours and do charges apply outside of these?
Our normal working hours are 9am - 6pm Monday to Friday. Installations and collections outside of these hours may incur additional costs.

Hire Period

How long is a standard hire?
Normal hire is for 24hrs however for Weekend events we usually install on Thursday/Friday and collect Monday/Tuesday. Please advise if you require the structure for longer than the 24hr period as at busier times we may need to collect structures over the weekend.
Can I hire for a longer period?
Of course we are happy to hire for extended periods, prices are available on enquiry based on the equipment hired.

Delivery and Collection

How is your delivery charge calculated?
Our delivery charges are based on mileage from our facilities with a minimum charge set by each branch. With fuel charges being at an all time high we keep our costs as low as possible offering delivery at cost price. Delivery is based on a per van basis and may increase depending on the amount of equipment required.
Does the delivery cost change depending on the equipment I order?
All delivery charges are based on a van and driver and are not specific to the equipment. 2 or more vans may be required for larger jobs, in this instance the delivery cost will be multiplied by the number of vans. Note that in some instances multiple vans may be multiple journeys rather than multiple vehicles.