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12 x 3m marquee
(Approx 40ft x 10ft)

Approx.:            Standing 50

Approx :            Seated 36/48

Popular marquee for small patios up to 4m deep.

The marquee is made of white PE material it has 6 windows on both sides,

The  end panels windows at 2 metre intervals , have 3 x different openings, the most important is the 1m door opening.

All windows on both sides could be closed to allow full privacy.

If marquee needs to be installed on hard ground (not grass) you need to allow for a hard standing kit, to secure safely to the ground.

Hard standing kit for this marquee 12 x 3m @ £75

Shorter or extended legs to raise or lower the marquee are £3 per leg.

The use of these are to be agreed and approved by our crew on site.  Kit for this size £42

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