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12 x 6m Marquee
(Approx 40ft x 20ft)
From    £495.00

Approx:             Stands 110

Approx:             Seated 72/96

This is made of white PE material. This is a much wider marquee, and much high which gives an airy feeling it has crossbars in the ceiling. This marquee has six windows on each side with opening at every two metres and also openings at the ends too. Also has small door opening. Windows can be closed so nobody can see in.

Can be lit with rope lights, uplighters to give an atmospheric glow or light changing globe lights or even pee lights that look a bit like fairy lights but LED.

Will Stand  100 people for cocktail parties or seminars

Will Seat  80 people at tables

Can have matting or carpeting in various  colours.  We also have tables and chairs, buffet tables and music systems and Dance floor etc

All the marquees can be joined together with gutters.  So you can double the size for more guests.


If marquee needs to be installed on hard ground (not grass) you need to allow for a hard standing kit,

to secure safely to the ground.  This sized marquee Hardstanding would be £75.00

Shorter or extended legs to raise or lower the marquee are £3 per leg. The kit for this size is £42.  The use of these are to be agreed and approved by our crew on site

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