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3 x 3 M Marquee
(Approx. 10ft x 10ft)

3 x 3m hard standing not needed on grass will seat 8 people at one table.

Approx:             Standing :10

Approx:             Seated: 6-8



Ideal for small get togethers like using one 4ft round or one 6ft trestle table with 6 to 8 chairs

If marquee needs to be installed on hard ground (not grass) you need to allow for a hardstanding kit, to secure it safely to the ground.  Hardstanding kit for for 3 x 3m is £38.50


Shorter or extended legs to raise or lower the marquee are £3 per leg.  For this size is £12

The use of these are to be agreed and approved by our crew on site.

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